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Blue Bird of Friendliness

Blue Bird of Friendliness, written for the sga_flashfic Aliens Made Them Do It challenge.
(gen, team, 1580 words, fluffy borderline-crack)


The Moving Finger Writes

The Moving Finger Writes, written for the sga_flashfic In Memoriam challenge


Memories & Dust

Memories & Dust (50k or so), written for the stargate_summer challenge.

(I'll be posting fic on DW from now on.)


Out of Sight

Out of Sight, written for the sga_flashfic Skeevy Ancients challenge.


SGA: Indoor Fireworks

Indoor Fireworks
Fandom: SGA
Author: julietink
Rating: PG
Pairing: Mckay/Sheppard
Words: 3,900
Summary: "You know, you don't actually have to pick a fight in order to have sex,"
A/N: Concrit welcome, nay, encouraged. The idea from this came from the Elvis Costello song, but the song is rather more depressing.

"Though we fight in public, darling, with very little cause / Different sort of fireworks when we are on our own behind closed doors

Indoor FireworksCollapse )

SG1 AU (Mezzanine): Tentacles

Title: Tentacles
Fandom: SG1 AU (synecdochic & ivorygates's Mezzanine universe)
Author: julietink
Summary: Lazy evenings at home. With tentacles. Written for synecdochic's Holiday Wishes list thing.)
A/N: Concrit welcome

'No, Daniel, it is vitally important that you experience the full horror of how very wrong the internet is.'Collapse )



Title: Sailing
Fandom: SGA
Author: julietink
Summary: Brief conversation on the pier between Kate and Teyla. Written for the galpalficathon Prompt: Kate and Teyla/ anything but therapy
Pairing: None
Word count: ~1000, I think.
A/N: Concrit welcome

'What I really miss,' she said wistfully, staring out over the water, 'is sailing.'Collapse )